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Stenegård is located in the beautiful county of Hälsingland. The estate is a unique meeting place for crafts, gardening, culture and health. It offers something for everyone, young and old. A visit to Stenegård is a great treat for the senses and a must for any visit to Hälsingland.

A story for keeps

The pharmacist Julius Brown knew what he was doing when he bought the homesteads Hans and Kusens in the town of Järvsö in 1856 and began to build Stenegård there. Järvsö, at that time, was the main gathering place of west Hälsingland, its hub located at the ferry berth opposite the church. The emergence of Stenegård strengthened the importance of the location further.

Johan Julius Brun was a farmer's son and was born in 1818 in Molla parish in Västergötland county. He studied pharmacy in Stockholm and in 1842, only 24 years old, he took on the pharmacy manager position in the city of Hudiksvall. After three years he established a branch pharmacy in Järvsö.

After acquiring the two homesteads Hans and Kusens in the village of Stene in Järvsö in 1856, it took Julius about 30 years to finish building the estate of Stenegård. In addition to the pharmacy and medical centre, Julius Brun developed a model farm including a barn which held about forty cattle.

In 1904 the Brun family sold Stenegård to sawmill supervisor Anders Andersson from Vallsta. At Stenegård he was called master Andersson. When he died in 1924, the farm was sold to Lars Engelbrektsson in Bollnäs, who never lived at Stenegård but leased the buildings and the farm. Between 1935 and 1963 the west wing harboured a hotel. The pharmacy remained at Stenegård until 1951, when it was moved to central Järvsö. The parish's first savings bank was also located at Stenegård between 1917 and 1921. Since 1969, Stenegård is owned by Ljusdal Municipality.

The garden

Old cultivated plants in a new way.
Stenegård offers a rich experience for anyone interested in the history of gardening. It shows, inspires and spreads knowledge of the plants common on Swedish farms from the late 19th century, forming a reminder of what grandmother's garden looked like.

In the vegetable garden, which is eco-labelled, vegetables are grown in a five-year rotation system in which usefulness is combined with beauty, just like during the days of Julius Brun.

The herb garden contains an impressive collection of 250 different herbs, where the plants are presented in detail with both their Swedish and Latin names and are classified according to their medical use in the old days. The labels also include descriptions of the present use. Enjoy the atmosphere and all the scents during your walk in the garden.

Exotic plants were obvious ingredients in the popular flower plantings which were created at the manors and castles throughout Europe during the last century. Often a palm or an agave was placed in the middle of the plantation, surrounded by low, compact plants that formed a precise pattern. Stenegård's founder Julius Brun had the privilege of surrounding himself with these plants and designed several magnificent flowerbeds in the courtyard.

Stenegård's restaurant

At "Lehmanns Kök på Stenegård" you can enjoy great cooking made from handpicked fresh local produce from our farmers around the corner. At local cultivators, fishermen, cheese makers and hunters is where our chef finds the ingredients that ends up on the menu and later on your plate. Our menu follows the season to be able to use the very best that nature has to offer at all times. This is served in a beautiful setting with great views over Järvsö.

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Jörg and Bitti Lehmann with staff

The children's Stenegård

Children thrive at Stenegård
The children's Stenegård is a lovely place to visit whether you are a child or an adult, making it the perfect destination for families. The six cottages, built as miniature copies of old Hälsingland farm buildings, offer a great setting for both playing and learning where the creativity of both children and adults can be unleashed among paint, wood, paper, wool, needle and thread. In the garden lab you can also try life as a gardener and see how seeds grow and become beautiful flowers.

Audio tours

Don't miss our new audio tour, which is available in English. With the use of headphones and sensors located on different spots in the garden, you will be guided through the fascinating history of Stenegård at your own pace.

Guided tours

The following guided tours are available for a fee.

Following in the footsteps of Julius Brun
Preserving old Swedish houses
Garden tours